Goal 1 - Reading

Students will use effective strategies to determine the meaning of unknown words, thereby increasing their comprehension of passages.  Increased comprehension will result in the ability to differentiate main ideas from details and increase the students' ability  to understand figurative language, evaluate the text, and make inferences.


Goal 2 - Math

Students will recall basic math facts with automaticity and use this skill in combination with effective problem solving strategies to answer/analyze story problems efficiently, especially in the areas of data analysis and measurement.


Goal 3 - Writing

Students will use the Six-Trait writing model and the Four-Block model of writing to increase their ability to write meaningful passages.  Students will be encouraged to write at least four times a week to increase language usage skills.


goal 4 - Science

Students will effectively use Scientific Inquiry and unifying concepts/processes to investigate topics in science.


Goal 5 - Safe and Secure Schools

Students will continue to demonstrate respect and responsibility for themselves and for one another in the learning environment.